Adventure in Blasingdell  

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There's always Khundrukar to explore, but any adventurer worth his salt can tell you that towns can be just as dangerous as the dungeon. To accompany my writeup of Blasingdell, below are a few adventure hooks to get your party going in this town (or any other):

  • Every Cog Counts: An important component has disappeared from Marlene Dursey's mechanical lift, and she is willing to pay a hefty sum for the PCs to recover it. She suspects agents of the Daggerfront are behind it, guessing that they want more traffic through The Crow's Feast Alehouse. The Daggerfront is behind it alright, but it seems they've been using it to create a mechanized wonder of their own...

  • Friend or Foe: Half-orcs have a hard time in civilized lands at the best of times, and an even harder time when orcs are actively attacking the town they live in. Sir Miles Berrick asks the PCs to deal with a local band of humans meeting in secret and terrorizing half-orc families by night, but the whole thing become more complicated when they discover that there actually is a half-orc spy in town working for the orc raiders. How will the PCs deal with this problem without turning the whole town on the innocent half-orcs?

  • Trouble in Paradise: It turns out that not everyone at the local place of worship agrees about what should be done in response to the recent increase in orc raids; some favor violent retribution, some want to send negotiators to recover captured commoners, and some want to fortify the borderlands. This wouldn't so much of a problem if the local religious leaders could agree, but this is not the case either, and it is causing a volatile fissure within the faith. This hook can take place at either the Temple of Heironeous (between Father Kassler Garrow and Sister Cassir Saehurin) or the Church of the Ruby Lady (between Lady Grace Tennin and Valissan Harrik), whichever the PCs frequent most.

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