Crafting Pseudoscientific Terms For Your *punk Game.  

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Today, while working on a class inspired by the Tome of Secrets Artificer, I needed to come up with some convincingly cool scientific-sounding terms to add the right flavor to some of the class features, but my existing vocabulary failed me. Naturally, I went searching about on the internet for a solution.

I short Google search later and I turned up the Dictionary of Word Roots and Combining Forms by Donald J. Borror, offered free of charge* by scribd user mohanak. This 144-page document, published in 1960, has hundreds of prefixes and suffixes categorized in a number of very useful ways. So whether your PC is researching monstrous scorpions (peloroentomology) or love potions (erosenchyma), you've got them covered.

*(Free) scribd membership required.

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Looks like a fun resource (scribd also looks the same). Thank you for the link.

September 20, 2009 at 2:32 PM

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