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Inspired by this post on Dungeon's Master and my love of random tables, here are some tables for generating exotic dishes for high-end and exotic restaurants in your D&D campaign.

d%Random Food Type
41-60Meat (dark)
61-80Meat (white)
81-99Fish & Seafood
100Other Edibles

d%Random Liquids
1-20Diluted Babau Slime
21-35Succubus Saliva
36-50Water Elemental Tonic
51-70Fermented Purple Worm Venom
71-90Phatasm Juice
91-100Unicorn Blood

d%Random Vegetables
1-20Steamed Assassin Vine
21-40Matured Vrock Spores
41-60Caramelized Violet Fungus
61-75Phantom Fungus Salad
76-90Boiled Tendriculos Tendrils
91-100Whipped Shambling Mound Brain

d%Random Meats (dark)
1-10Basilisk Chops
11-20Dragon Steaks
21-30Ethereal Marauder Stew
31-40Sautéed Manticore
41-55Ground Minotaur Sandwich
56-70Broiled Troll Steaks
71-85Wyvern Chunks
86-95Chilled Hell Hound Strips
96-100Diced Remorhaz

d%Random Meats (white)
1-10Grilled Achaierai
11-20Fried Arrowhawk Thigh/Leg/Breast
20-25Stuffed Pseudodragon
26-35Pan-Fried Frost Worm
36-50Shocker Lizard Chunks
51-60Boiled Roc
61-75Cockatrice Stew
76-85Fricasseed Harpy Shank
86-100Braised Otyugh

d%Random Fish & Seafood*
1-15Aboleth Goujon
16-25Buttered Chuul
26-35Stuffed Kraken Chops
36-45Naga Darne
46-60Sahuagin Sushi
61-75Sea Cat Delice
76-90Dragon Turtle Stew
91-100Sautéed Tojinda
*Note that these creatures also provide options for caviar

d%Random Other Edibles
1-20Chaos Beast Pudding
21-40Distilled Shadow Essence
41-60Candied Ettercap Webs
61-80Pixie Dust
81-100Chocolate-Covered Stirge

While no prices are given, I'd recommend a price somewhere between 5 and 10 gp per CR of the creature in question unless it is particularly easy to get or numerous in the area.

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