Sunday Hooks - Dead Waltz Edition  

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I'm switching it up this week; if you're not familiar with the song you can listen to it here.

"The silver moon is shinin',
Cools the copper blood,
Where the livin' meet the dead
And together dance as one."

--Flogging Molly, "Tobacco Island"
  • Every few weeks, incidence of sleepwalking increase dramatically, and those awake to see it report that people go out onto the street and start dancing as though with an invisible partner. No one worries too much about it until a number of the sleepwalkers don't wake for days after their somnambulism. Could this be the work of restless spirits, or are darker forces at work?
  • Eliminating a vampire is always an ordeal, but it only becomes more complicated when a local noblewoman falls in love with the monster, allowing it to feed on her almost nightly and devoting her personal retinue of guards to defend it. Can the PCs put the vampire threat to rest before she turns the whole city against them?
  • Lycanthropy has spread like wildfire through the city's population, and it's up to the PCs to keep things under control through the next full moon until a shipment of belladonna arrives. After that, though, will they be able to track down "werewolf zero," the monster that started the epidemic?

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