Sunday Hooks - Lord of the Flies Edition  

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"'I may turn up as flies on your ceiling,' he said..." --Jaime Hernandez, "The Girl from H.O.P.P.E.R.S."
  • After banishing a powerful devil from the material plane, the great sorceress Isabel began receiving tormenting nightmares that drove her mad with paranoia. Believing that the devil will return to her in the form of its choosing, she has begun lashing out at every living thing that draws even a moment's suspicion. Can the PCs talk her out of her madness before she levels a nearby town, or will they be forced to go toe-to-toe with an arcanist who wields power that far outclasses them?
  • Unbeknown to the rest of the party, the party arcanist receives a strange vision while the PCs take a rest in a haunted area. A devil is the cause of the haunting, and it's in a mood to make a deal; if it can hitch a ride in the PC arcanist's corporeal shell, it will stop haunting the area and grant the PC access to all its spells and spell-like abilities. The other PCs may be surprised when they find the arcanist has seemingly dispatched the haunting presence singlehandedly, but things may look a little clearer as the arcanist starts acting funny: Why isn't he slapping those flies off his face?
  • The PCs are just getting ready to kick back when a local demonologist bursts through the door. He says his instruments have picked up a power evil outsider just plane shifted in somewhere in town. Based in his readings, it's a demon of pestilence, and it's already spreading its evil across the city. Even as the PCs step out onto the street, a swarm of flies and other insects hover over them, trying to bite, sting, or otherwise force their way under the skin of any exposed individual. A few who walk the streets look a little green around the gills, and as soon as they see the PCs a strange grin crosses their faces. The demonologist tells them they've been killed and their bodies possessed. Can the PCs stop the demon plague?

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