Sunday Hooks - Enchanté Edition  

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"You make a slave of me already. How do you do it? I never obeyed a woman before. Jean, I think you are a witch. Scotland is the home of weird, uncanny creatures, who take lovely shapes for the bedevilment of poor, weak souls. Are you one of those fair deceivers?"

"You are complimentary," laughed the girl. "I
am a witch, and one day my disguise will drop away and you will see me as I am, old, ugly, bad and lost. Beware of me in time. I've warned you. Now love me at your peril."
--Louisa May Alcott, "Behind a Mask"
  • The attractive maid at the PCs' favorite tavern has always been flirtatious, but tonight she's acting obnoxiously so. Still, everything's fine until the most charismatic male PC begins foaming at the mouth and having a seizure. The maid starts babbling about a love potion she bought from a hedge witch on the outskirts of town. Can the PCs save their ally? And who is the hedge witch?
  • In a group of PCs that includes both sexes, there's bound to be some unspoken sexual tension. When one of the male PCs is approached by a female PC (or the other way around), how will he react? More importantly, will he notice the slight inconsistencies in her behavior, the twinkle of hellish fire in her eyes?
  • After completing a quest for a benevolent elven enchantress, she takes a liking to one of the PCs. More than just a liking, really; she's demanding the chosen PC marry her. Though, out of "respect" for the PC she restrains herself from charming him or her outright, as she gets more desperate she charms and dominates everyone around the PC, taking away job opportunities, friends, associates, and eventually getting the PC locked in prison under false charges. During this ordeal, her offer remains: Marry her, and it all goes away. But if she's this controlling now, how would she be in a relationship? Can the PCs figure out a way to ecape her grip?

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