Sunday Hooks - Too Appalled Edition  

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"The Soul has Bandaged moments –
When too appalled to stir –
She feels some ghastly Fright come up
And stop to look at her –"

--Emily Dickinson, "512"
  • Some decades ago, a young woman in good social standing and with much potential was last seen walking on the outskirts of town, near the marshland, never to be heard from again. Since this time, there have been reports every couple years about sightings of a lone woman walking among the reeds, or even on the road on particularly misty evenings. Over the past month or so, however, sightings have been unusually frequent, and even worse, female travelers going through the marshlands come down with violent illness, and children who tarry near the marsh go missing. Can the PCs solve the mystery before more lives are lost?
  • Less than a week ago, a handsome suitor professed his love to the governor's daughter, but was told she'd have to think about it. Since then, the girl has been suffering from night terrors that involve the suitor in some horrible way. Furthermore, the man has gone missing, leaving only several bewildered servants behind. Can the PCs lift the curse on the governor's daughter and find the strange man? More importantly, is he even the source of the curse?
  • Tragically, an innocent was killed by one of the PCs in the heat of battle through some accident or misunderstanding (or perhaps even on purpose). Slowly, over the course of the next few weeks, that PC becomes haunted. The face of the innocent fills the PC's dreams, the sound of phantom footsteps always follows the PC, and objects the PC tries to touch move just out of reach. As if this isn't annoying enough, after this has been going on for some time, the PC may find him or herself alone, at which point a phantom force grapples and attempts to strangle the PC. How can the PC atone his or her actions?

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