Sunday Hooks - Christmas Special (Part 2)  

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"Silent night! Holy night!
Shepherds quake at the sight;
Glories stream from Heaven afar,
Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia..."

--Father Josef Mohr, "Silent Night"
  • On a night which was the subject of a thirty year old prophecy, a shooting star blazes across the night sky, signaling the birth of a champion of good. However, three children are born that night in the holy city, each of which seems to fill the criteria of the prophecy. Factions rise and tensions grow, and the normally stable temple hierarchy becomes divided. Can the PCs defuse the tensions before the greatest stronghold of good in the world consumes itself?
  • The PCs are having trouble defeating a powerful force of evil, so the celestial powers of good take advantage of a planar alignment to send a champion to help them. However, the forces of darkness have anticipated this, and cast a corrupting veil over the boundaries between the two planes. When the champion arrives, it is not the paragon of good the PC expect, but a soulless monster bent on destruction. Even the earthly forces that corrupted the once-angelic being are not immune to its seemingly boundless rage, as the thing ravages both good and evil forces alike.
  • Farmers in distant parts of the civilized lands have been telling strange stories. At night, no sounds come from the wilderness, or anywhere at all. Furthermore, the few that dare leave their homes after noticing this ill portent say they saw brilliant lines of light writhing in the sky, and the sound exquisitely beautiful yet discordant choral singing. They describe it as horrible yet hypnotizing, so much so that it consumes their dreams now. After a week or so, those who've witnessed the phenomenon (including PCs, if they've investigated) disappear, only to return several days later. They don't remember specifics, other that the unequivocal knowledge that they saw the birth of a new god, a formless thing of wings and teeth.

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