Sunday Hooks - Dying Earth Edition  

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"All that was left were tribes living in caves. Radiation deformed many, and boils were the mark of social class."
  • War has broken out. This is nothing special, as the greedy lords of the land often squabble over where to draw their borders. However, a cruel transmuter gifts one of the lords involved in this conflict with powerful weapons capable of mutating vast swaths of land into hostile, nightmarish shadows of their former selves. Soon, packs of mutants begin ravaging farmland, destroying what's left of both lands, and rumors spread of a terrifying mutant lord. Will the PCs hunt down the progenitor of this mad plague, the transmuter, or will they stymie the advance of the mutant armies?
  • Kobold sorcerers accidentally open a portal to the Far Realm while attempting to summon a demon. The portal's only open for a split second, but it's enough to reshape their flesh into one hideous and powerful monster. Even now, the thing lumbers through the countryside, a tide of fleeing commoners running ahead of it. If the PCs don't stop its advance, it will only be a matter of days until it reaches the city, and who knows what it will do then?
  • A disease is spreading. Plagues have hit the PCs' community before, but nothing like this. Those who suffer from this contagion transform. They sprout limbs and tumorous growths, their hides thicken, and they see things, hear things that they should not. The aristocracy flees, fearing the plague, and the transformed quickly ascend to power. Though they've yet to do anything too harmful or destructive, it's hard not to be suspicious of the new mutant overlords. How will the PCs react to the new leadership? And how will they react if (or when) they start to transform?

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