Races of Ralsenna: Crystalkind  

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Crystalkind were once members of the other races, but are now something different. They have been exposed to livecrystal, the psionically-charged crystalline structure that gives the crystalkind their unique appearance and often drives them slightly mad. Whatever qualities a crystalkind has from its birth race, they all share two qualities: A penetrating loneliness born of alienation from their community, and undeniable psionic strength.

Personality: Crystalkind are often isolative and secretive, even from others of their kind. Because they are used to being seen as outsiders, they often hold others at arm’s length, not showing hostility or rudeness but neither being very friendly. Usually it requires a very amiable person to pierce this barrier, and over time it is possible to gain a crystalkind’s trust. Even under ideal circumstances crystalkind can be somewhat eccentric, a side effect of the psionic charge held in their crystals.

Physical Description: Crystalkind are physically identical to members of their race of origin with one exception: The sharp crystals that sprout from the crystalkind’s body. The crystals cover most of the crystalkind’s forearms and shoulders, and often cover parts of the creature’s back, chest, and face. Most of these crystals form a relatively thin crust over the creature’s body, but the growths on the arms and shoulders have a tendency to jut four to six inches from the crystalkind’s flesh. These crystal growths sometimes glow, especially when the crystalkind is experiencing strong emotions, though not enough to provide any significant illumination.

Alignment: Crystalkind have the same alignment tendencies as their race of origin, though show a slight preference toward chaotic alignments, a tendency that is even more prominent in crystalkind who take up adventuring.

Religion: While many crystalkind maintain a personal reverence for whatever religion they paid homage to before their transformation the majority join the Disciples of the Shattered Stone, a generally peaceful faith with many sects who all pay homage to the will of the livecrystal itself.

Language: Crystalkind speak the languages of their race of origin and often learn Terran and Undercommon so they can more easily navigate the subterranean world.

Names: Crystalkind generally have whatever name was given them before they became a crystalkind, although they sometimes choose new names to demonstrate the significance of the change they’ve undergone.

Chosen Names: Darkstone, Glowbeard, Rockskin, Sapphire, Shardface, Shatter.

Adventurers: Crystalkind often find themselves adventuring as they feel less welcome at home and grow less stable, they often take mercenary work and other dangerous occupations. Sometimes a crystalkind can actually regain the favor of their community by defending it with their newfound power.

Crystalkind Racial Traits
Sidebar: Why the 6 Int Minimum?

Because the livecrystals sustain themselves by feeding on the psychic energies of their host, they require a certain level of cognizance before they can grow.

Should the host's Intelligence drop below 6, the crystals grow brittle and break up over the course of 2d4 weeks, during which time the host still has a chance to raise its Intelligence and revitalize the crystals.
  • Template: “Crystalkind” is a template that may be applied to any of the living base races. The base creature must have an Intelligence score of 6 or greater. The base race retains all its normal traits and gain those listed below.
  • –2 Dexterity: The crystalline growths that sprout from the crystalkind’s body slow its movements and reaction time.
  • Crystal Body: The crystalkind’s natural bonus to armor class improves by +2. However, the crystalkind also gains sonic vulnerability.
  • Naturally Psionic: The crystalkind receives 1 power point, plus an additional 1 power point for every 5 hit dice it has (this is in addition to power points the crystalkind may have gained through class levels). The crystalkind also gains knowledge of the crystal shard power. Its manifester level for this power equals its hit dice.
  • Jagged Shards: A ridge of shard crystalline shards grows from the crystalkind’s forearms. These shards can be used as natural weapons that deal 1d6 slashing damage (1d4 slashing damage for Small characters) with a ×3 critical modifier. If the crystalkind successfully damages a target that has an Intelligence score of 6 or greater with this attack, the target also gains the crystalkind traits over the course of the next 2d4 weeks unless it makes a successful Fortitude save (DC 10 + half the crystalkind’s character level + the crystalkind’s Int modifier).

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Two things, one mechanical, one not:

I think the jagged shard infection work more like a disease that could be resisted or even accepted rather than just resolved in one roll.

While the crystal 'infection' lives mostly on psychic energy does it also require the crystalkind to take in more minerals in their diet?

February 20, 2010 at 4:52 PM

I didn't make it a disease mainly because I didn't imagine the livecrystals as eating away at an ability score. If anything, I'd add the ability to make a new save every week or something.

And as far as diet, during the transformation I imagine they'd have to take in a lot more minerals in their diet, but after that their diet would return to about normal for their race (perhaps a bit above average in the mineral intake, but still).

February 24, 2010 at 11:20 AM

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