Five Weapons You'll Wish You Knew About Earlier  

Posted by Michael Donaldson

If you don't look at your splatbooks you are wasting the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat. The Siangham just isn't cutting it for me, and soon it won't for you either.

  1. Harpoon - 1d10 (20/x2), 30' Range Increment (Storm p.107) - If a Harpoon deals damage, it becomes lodged in the target (Reflex Negates, DC = 10 + damage). While lodged, the target is at ½ movement & cannot run or charge. The thrower holding the Harpoon’s 30’ rope can keep the target from getting away by making an Opposed Strength check. Removing the Harpoon requires two hands & a Full Round Action and deals the damage again unless a Heal check vs. DC 15 is made.
  2. Pincer Staff - 1d10 (20/x2), Reach (Underdark p.64) - Similar to the Mancatcher from Complete Warrior, except it does 1d10 lethal instead of 1d4 subdual. You can grapple with it from 10' away, and not be grappled yourself. Is this not stupidly good? Combine with Bloodstorm Blade for complete nonsensical fun (Note: I will write an article about this later this week).
  3. Sugliin - 2d8 (20/x2), Reach (Frost p.76) - Attacking with the Sugliin requires a full-round action unless you take another feat, but this weapon seriously deals 2d8. On top of that, it's a stick with a bunch of antlers on it.
  4. Net - No Damage, Touch Attack, 10' Range Increment (PHB p.117) - Ok, so this weapon doesn't deal any damage, but with a simple ranged touch attack you entangle an enemy and can force them to stay within 10' of you. An entangled foe can't charge, takes a -4 to dexterity, -2 to attacks, and moves at half speed. And, as a ranged touch attack, you can probably just skip the exotic weapon feat anyways.
  5. Exploding Crossbow Bolts (DR348 p.87) - This ammo requires an exotic weapon proficiency, and must be fired from a heavy crossbow. It has 75% of the normal crossbow range, but when it strikes a target it EXPLODES and deals 2d12 damage to the target and all adjacent enemies (DC 20 for the target, 15 for adjacent enemies).
Not all of these weapons are balanced, and I don't give out promises that your DM will allow them. But they're good for a laugh or for teaching your DM that just because WotC published it, doesn't make it fair, balanced, or even sane. (Exploding Crossbow Bolts!?)

What are some of your favorite totally ridiculous Exotic Weapons? (real, or homebrew?)

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Splintering Bolts - DR349 p22
All creatures within a 30' cone-shaped burst of the attacker take 1d6 damage (reflex for half, DC 15)

Stygian Ice (Material) - Frost p81
Contact (including weapon hits and wielding a weapon) do 1d6 Cold damage, plus 2 points of wisdom damage (will negates DC12). At 0 Wisdon, the victim takes 2 points of Constitution damage per round. At 0 Con, the wictim rises as a Wraith in 2d4 rounds

March 10, 2010 at 8:10 AM

I once was in a campaign where a large sized half-ogre monkey gripped a huge sized sugliin. i dont remember the exact numbers bu it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 4d8+12 damage with reach of 20 ft. he outkilled the novacaster.

March 10, 2010 at 3:19 PM

Goliath, with Major Titan Bloodline, Monkey Grip and a feat I talked my DM into allowing called Twin Weapon Style. What this feat does, is if you wield the same weapon in both hands the off-hand weapon is considered light for the purpose of Dual-Wielding penalties. All that was left was wielding the largest Bastard Swords possible.

August 11, 2010 at 5:46 PM

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