Sunday Hooks - More Demonic Edition  

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"My new clothes give me a demonic, intellectual look, especially when I folded my arms over my chest, and, supporting my weight on my feeble right leg, held out my left at a nonchalant angle."
--G√ľnter Grass, "The Tin Drum"
  • After a brush with a demon, one of the PCs notices a small creature, perhaps a cat or a crow, following him or her around constantly. It never gets close enough to alert anyone else to its presence, but the PC in question is distinctly aware of its presence. At the same time, the PC develops a slight cough that won't go away. The creature, the PC's familiar so to speak, soon begins guiding the PC, spotting danger and so on, but every time the PCs takes the familiar's advice, he or she gets a little sicker, and is soon coughing up black bile. What is happening to the PC? Is there any way to get rid of the dark familiar?
  • A local politician is gaining power and prominence very quickly, and has become very interested in using the PCs as his go-to troubleshooters. However, it becomes obvious to any PC with even moderate religious knowledge that his is drawing on some sort of dark pact or ritual magic to accomplish his goals, noble as his ends may be. Do the PCs stop him before he gets out of control, even as he feeds the hungry and ends volatile conflicts with neighboring regions, or do they simply keep any eye on him and take the chance he slips from his ivory tower and uses his power for evil?
  • The PCs have used some manner of foul magic—perhaps summoned a fiendish creature, cast a blasphemy, or communed with a dark god—and the wrong people found out. A rumor spread among the commoners, and many have caught wind of it. The local sheriffs are gathering evidence against them, unwilling to anger the PCs without just cause. The aristocracy is split; half of them want to hire the PCs to cast dark spells and half are hiring mercenaries to hunt them down. And all the while a paladin has been assigned to bring the PCs to the ultimate justice of the gods. How can they elude these adversaries?

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