Tuesday Hooks - Saint Patrick's Day Edition  

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And about her courts were seen
Liveried angels robed in green,
Wearing, by St Patrick’s bounty,
Emeralds big as half the county.
~Walter Savage Landor
Adventure Hooks after the jump!

  •  A sweeping agricultural surplus has left the town of Eerie laden with extra wealth and good fortune. It seems as if every few days the gods are smiling on a new resident, whether it be a windfall inheritance or a newly discovered vein of ore on someone's plot. The town is in excessively good spirits. Things are not as they seem, however, and soon the residents are forced to admit that between their good fortunes some of the less desirable residents have begun to go missing. What is the cause of this supernatural luck, and what is the cost?
  • The PCs rescue a cheery gnome from a bandit raid, and in return the gnome bequeaths upon them a Ring of Three Wishes. The very next night, fae come in the night to assault the party, demanding to know the location of the mysterious gnome. Furthermore, they warn that the ring is cursed and that the wishes always result in misfortune no matter how they are worded. Will the party help track down the fae criminal, and what will they do with the ring?
  • The Festival of the Clover is an outrageous event in the region, and the PCs enjoys an uproarious night of drinking and partying as welcome guests. Upon awakening, however, they are regarded with hostility and suspicion - one of the party members finds he is wearing a pendant given to him by a stranger in a drunken haze, and that the pendant is an extremely bad omen amongst the people here. They wish to see him jailed until the Festival is over, and some are calling for his execution to appease the local fae spirits. Can the PCs find the mysterious stranger and clear their friend's name? Can they even escape the wrath of this town with their lives intact?

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