Sunday Hooks - Soup's On Edition  

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"D'ye know what we call Her Majesty over there? The Famine Queen."
--Alan Moore, "From Hell"
  • After the unexplained death of the king while he was on a trip to the border territories, the queen has become bitter and resentful, taxing those territories to the brink of starvation. In the grand scheme of things, this is only a minor problem until an elven warlord from beyond the borderlands begins offering the queen's neglected subjects food, and then martial training. It soon becomes clear the elves mean to usurp the queen, using her own people against her. Will the PCs help prop up a failing leader, or take the chance that the elves are even more oppressive after their war campaign comes to an end?
  • A coven of witches has hexed a local farmer's land, killing an entire crop in a single night, after his sons killed one of the witch's familiars thinking it was just another animal. The PCs may have had peaceful interactions with these very wishes, and it is clear that they could easily end hostilities between the farmer and the witches, a mob of angry peasants have gathered and are determined to kill what they see as a threat to their families and livelihoods. Can the PCs stop the conflict from escalating? If they choose not to, which side will they join?
  • After a court wizard's adulterous advances toward the queen are spurned, he casts a powerful necromantic spell during a royal feast, causing the dead from catacombs under the castle to rise up as ghouls. While most of the inhabitants of the castle are slaughtered outright, and some escape alive, many more succumb to ghoul fever, including the queen. The dead queen's hunger is insatiable, and soon her ghoul minions scour the countryside for humanoid flesh to stock her eternal feast. Those who flee her minions tell of the screams in the night, the raspy call of the walking dead; the ghouls tell that only the flesh of the wizard will satisfy the queen.

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