New Magic Item: Wand of Baleful Chaos  

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Sardal advanced into the altar room, the layer of dust on the stone floor muffling his steps. He could hear the bishop chanting deeper in the chamber, the mad syllables of his otherworldly voice echoing from the vaulted ceiling high above, seeming to come form all directions at once. Sooner than Sardal expected, the altar came into view, along with the shadowy forms of the bishop and, laying on the altar itself, the still-unconscious Ira. Sardal lifted his double axe, ready to charge, when the chanting stopped, a low, bestial laughter replacing it. The bishop made a quick motion, and a thousand beads of energy leaped from his outstretched arm.

Wand of Baleful Chaos
Aura moderate evocation; CL 7th
Slot —; Price 10,000 gp; Weight — lbs.


This darkwood wand hums erratically with magical power, and glows with the light of a candle when held. While held, the wand grants a +1 bonus on the caster level of spells cast by the wielder with the chaotic descriptor.

The wielder can also speak a command word while holding the wand to release a swarm of chaotic motes of energy that strike an area designated by the wielder within 30 feet. This swarm, at the wielder's choice, can either be concentrated on a single creature, automatically affecting the target, over a small area, having a 50% chance to affect each creature in a 10 foot radius spread, or a larger area, having a 20% chance to affect each creature in a 20 foot radius burst. Affected creatures take 3d8 damage. In addition, each affected creature must succeed on a DC 16 Will save or also be affected by a random effect, for a duration of 1 round, as determined on the table below (roll only once for all affected creatures).


The wand can be activated three times per day. Every time the wand is activated, there is a 10% chance its wielder takes 1d8 damage from energy feedback from the wand.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, chaos hammer; Cost 5,000 gp (+400 XP for D&D)

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