Sunday Hooks - Burning City Edition  

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"Mozang Chawk burns for months...and months...
Despite its brick and mortar construction: despite its steel girders and the density of its terraces that run in an uneven high-low, broad-narrow continuity for miles on either side: despite the small bathrooms and godowns and corrugated tin shelters for charpoys deployed to sleep on the roof and its doors and wooden rafters—the buildings could not have burned for months. Despite the residue of passion and regret, and loss of those who have in panic fled—the fire could not have burned for...Despite all the ruptured dreams, broken lives, buried gold, bricked-in rupees, secreted jewelry, lingering hopes...the fire could not have burned for months and months..."
--Bapsi Sidhwa, "Cracking India"
  • The Sun God's followers have always been charitable in helping the impoverished of the city, which is why it's so odd when some of their followers begin bearing ill will toward those in need. As it turns out, a rogue priest of the religion has been preaching a new gospel, much to the ire of the established clergy: The destitute weaken society as a whole, and must be rejected, exterminated even. At first he's little more than a nuisance, but he soon catches the attention of wealthy land and business owners, who like his flattering ideology. As tensions rise, the old Sun clerics beg the PCs to help them, but the rich nobles and merchants want to hire them out for vast sums to aid in the effort to push the clerics out of the city. Who will they choose?
  • The PCs, and everyone else, are hearing rumors of one of the larger cities suffering from a major fire, one that's not of mundane origin. Even if the PCs aren't inclined to check the situation out on their own, a travelling merchant is willing to hire them to go ensure the safety of his family there. When the PCs arrive, they are surprised to find that the city is indeed burning, but is simultaneously functioning perfectly well, under new management that is. A powerful efreeti and his retinue of janni soldiers has taken up residence in the city, and taken its citizens as his serfs and servants. Everyone's pretty shaken up, but few have been killed or injured in the turnover. Still, the people are scared, and beg the PCs to dethrone the efreeti. As soon as the PCs encounter the efreeti, however, it offers them a tempting offer: Join his personal guard, and he will grant them each three wishes.
  • The PCs have just stopped a demon's cult from summoning an abyssal lord, but that doesn't mean they're out of the woods just yet. The planar fluctuations caused by ritual have opened small tears to the plane of elemental fire, and now motes of living flame surge across the city. The situation is bad from the beginning, but there is word that the portals are getting bigger, and soon more powerful elementals will be able to enter the material realm. The PCs must choose whether to put all their efforts toward sealing the tears, stopping the elementals already present before they can do more harm, or—if they're feeling confident—splitting up to tackle both tasks at once.

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