Sunday Hooks - She-Devil Edition  

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"Oh rage in the cage
And piss upon the stage,
There's only one sure way
To bring the giant down,
Defunct the strings
Of cemetery things,
With a one flat foot
On the devil's wings"

--Rob Zombie, "Living Dead Girl"
  • The PCs decide to blow off some steam at a traveling fair that's set up shop on the outskirts of town when they come across a tent with a carny outside promising gruesome entertainment for only those of the strongest mettle. They enter a smoky, cavernous room with a small gladiatorial pit in the center, containing two women wrestling madly. It's soon clear that both of the wrestlers are undead monsters. Soon, one cracks the skull of the other, and looks up to the crowd. The announcer shouts something about "taking bets in the back" and asks who wants to step into the ring with the She-Devil of Canton.
  • The PCs are invited to a grand feast at the king's table for a chance to entertain their liege with tales of adventure and derring-do. Everything's going great until the food is served and the king calls out a bard from his cadre of entertainers and a beautiful woman emerges from the shadows of a nearby corridor and begins to sing and play het lute. While she seems normal to most of the party, one PC feels as though she is a font of true beauty and creativity, while another PC immediately senses vile evil in her. Who's right? Is she both? In any event, what's to be done?
  • A traveling musical troupe has been gathering a sizable following, and recently reports tell that entire towns and hamlets worth of people have left their homes to follow the troupe and listen to their enchanting music. The PCs are hired to investigate by a perturbed king when his fields are left to rot by the bewitched peasants, and they discover that the troupe is led by a powerful half-fiend harpy bard. Can the PCs free the peasants from her spell without becoming one of her thralls?

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Yet again some more great ideas.

I shiver at the thought of what happens to those who fall at the hands of the she-devil of canton; turned into zombie carnies forever damned to wander the countryside.

The very attractive yet very evil woman is a great way to stir up some party dialogue unless the Paladin just detects evil on her though convincing the one who sees beauty might be difficult if they are under some sort of spell.

Good old pied piper. I'd never thought of using a real monster in this role before.

February 8, 2010 at 9:08 AM

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