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A few weeks ago we received an email from Nicholas Cloister telling us about his new blog, RPG Creatures. I always enjoy supporting fellow bloggers and freelancers, and spreading word about their projects, so of course I had to stop by, and Cloister did not fail to impress.

The goal of RPG Creatures is to provide a system-independent, illustrated bestiary of fantasy monsters. Our dedicated readers know by now that I've got a taste for weird monsters, and RPG Creatures has those in spades, each with its own high-quality art. It's always hard to evoke the right imagery with a simple description, which is why this art is RPG Creatures' greatest strength.

The art is by no means RPG Creatures' only strength, however. Each monster has a very detailed description of its attributes and powers, as well as a section on their general behavior and where they fit into a fantasy setting. As stated above, the stats are systemless, but there's enough detail presented that even a moderately experienced DM should be able to convert it to D&D (or another system) fairly easily (that is, if you even use stats anymore). Of course, unless you're running a hack-'n'-slash affair, you may not need game stats anyway, in which case RPG Creatures is the perfect resource.

I'd recommend RPG Creatures to any fan of fantasy. It's a cool little site and I'm very excited to see where Cloister goes with it. Check it out and leave him a comment on your favorite beasties.

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