Breaks and Intermissions: Getting Into the Swing of Things  

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Just like anything else, coming back to blogging break isn't easy. I stopped because of a glut of midterm work and just got out of my usual rhythm of posts, and I'm just now getting back into the groove. Blogging isn't the only thing I've lost my groove with; it's been too long since I've DMed, and while I've been meaning to start up a new game, there are, of course, an endless stream of excuses that have stopped me from following through.

Now, I'm sure the DMs out there realize that DMing is a fairly hefty time and energy investment no matter which way you slice it. I've managed to slim down my prep time over the years but it still takes a few hours or prep each week to conceptualize adventures, draw up important maps, and stat monsters and NPCs. But, the thing is, like all good DMs, these are some of my favorite parts of the game.

As an exercise to get me motivated to game again, here are my main excuses and their counterpoints. Let's see if we can't get me playing again.

  • Few Experienced Players
    I have several potential newbie players lined up, but I've become spoiled by having many experienced players in the past. The additional work required when walking newbies through the game adds to the daunting task of DMing. But, on the other hand, without my usual squad of power gamers, DMing should really just be that much easier. And, is there anything better in life than spreading the love of gaming? (Well, maybe a few things, but you get the idea.)
  • Fewer Ideas
    This might seem weird since I pump out adventure hooks (almost) every Sunday, but the conceptual side of things is much easier for me. Execution is more difficult. Making a good idea into a good game takes work, and I am always hesitant of taking on more work. Of course, the times that I've actually come through with this sort of thing, making my ideas come to life in an involving game, have been some of the most memorable and exiting gaming (hell, even non-gaming) experiences I've had.
  • No Time
    This seems like a pretty legitimate concern, but in all honesty, all I'd have to do to compensate for this is cut back on a small percentage of my YouTube viewing. And, you know, be proactive with my responsibilities. And stuff.
Alright, I'm feeling better now. Let us game.

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