Steam Era Transportation  

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I've been DMing a campaign in my Ralsenna setting, the first session of which took part in the process of travelling from city to city. Since the tech level in Ralsenna is higher than in the traditional D&D/Pathfinder setting, this necessitated a bit of research on my part, presented here for your benefit.

Steam Era Transportation
Steam ship's passage5 mph15 cp per mile
Train ride, fast70 mph25 cp per mile
Train ride, slow50 mph2 sp per mile
Trolly1 cp per ride

Steam ships: Steam ships are essential keelboats with steam engines, allowing them to travel at about 5 miles per hour.

Trains: Average trains can travel anywhere between 35 and 80 miles per hour between stops, moving along a fixed track. Depending on how many cars are in the train, the vehicle can be a hundred feet long or more. A passenger car can usually hold 24 to 30 passengers, and a freight car can hold about 25 tons of cargo.

Trolly: Larger cities may have trolly systems in place, wherein an electric system of train cars travels a set track around the city at regular intervals. In a larger city, where coach cabs are in high demand, sometimes the trolly is the only way to get where you need to go.

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