A Long Slumber  

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As gamers, there is a certain habit that I think we are all too familiar with. That is to say, we have all been in games that for one reason or another seem to just fade into memory without anyone putting the nail in the coffin. Meetings become scarce, people become busy (or move away), and slowly it becomes an unspoken truth that the game is simply just dead. When we were in the height of our posting glory here on RocksFall, it seemed like it was something we would do forever - something that we genuinely enjoyed doing. The words flowed from our fingertips and I in particular would compete with Spenser in trying to get the most pageviews for our articles.

But then slowly, it started to fade. When our domain (www.rocksfallblog.com) was jacked in a moment of negligence by domain resellers, our morale was struck in a way that we never really recovered from. Articles slowed down. Eventually, on one fateful day in October, we just stopped. It was never agreed upon - there was no "goodbye" post, and the cliffhanger of our last post sat on the front page of this blog like a ghost town. It was almost as if we might just come back at any moment and start writing Sunday Hooks, or bits of advice for DMs.

A lot has happened in the two years since we primarily stopped writing this blog. I almost made a video game. Spenser actually went and got his degree in Creative Writing, and is presumably on the job market now (or perhaps gainfully employed). I'm not certain. He and I don't talk very much right now, but I'm certain his writing talents are being put to good use, even if it's torturing poor newbies with certain death in pathfinder games far away from here!

I'm breaking this dusty tome back open because role-playing games are still a relevant and large part of my life. I've been collecting ideas that I used to write out in posts here, from my experiences DMing and playing, and I'm eager to share them like I used to.

Rocks Fell. Everyone Died. But as you all know, the adventure never ends there. Let's reroll!

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Welcome back!

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