Lazy Lunch Links - Volume 1  

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Just because I'm feeling lazy doesn't mean you don't deserve some good RPG-related reading to get you through the day. Here are some links to other good RPG blogs, and some of their recent posts I enjoyed.

Speeding Things Up
Chase from Intwischa recently posted an article on how to speed the grind of RPG gaming up. It's a great article with a lot of solid tips, and I thought it mildly amusing to feature one of their articles on speeding up gaming since I was featured on their site for my "Initializing Initiative" article.

Save Versus Adorable
Ever just needed to be surrounded by adorable little ducklings? Don't worry, Sea of Stars RPG has you covered. By any reasonable mid level you can be laden with these obnoxiously cute animal generators - at 50 gold a pop you're more than able to toss around some extra change. I'm of the opinion that there definitely need to be more magic items at the "absurdly cheap" level, and this is a perfect example of that sort of ingenuity.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Reality Refracted asks the question: Why is it that some people can't take risks even when they believe their character would? The article explores with some depth the reasons why people have this problem, and offers up some excellent advice at the end. Read more about it here

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