New Look, Site Updates, and We Want You To Write For Rocks Fall!  

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New Look
If you're here right now and you've been here before, chances are you've noticed that we're using a new layout for rocks fall. We're still working out the kinks, but rest assured everything will work eventually (and I'm pretty sure most of it already does right now).

Site Updates
I've received word that Spenser is most definitely not coming back as a writer for Rocks Fall, as he has left the world of tabletop gaming permanently and has decided to sever all ties with everyone that he used to interact with in this respect. It's a shame to see him go, but I wish him good luck in his future endeavors. Our e-mail has changed, as I never had access to it, so if you sent me an email any time in the last two years or so you might want to re-send it! It goes without saying that I am now the sole author of Rocks Fall, which leads me to my next bit...

We Need Your Articles!
Rocks Fall was never intended to be a one-man show, and while I'm perfectly happy to continue pittering away at my keyboard I'd be delighted to bring on a few more writers if you've got the spark and need an audience. For those interested, you can contact me via my e-mail (available in the newly updated contact box - this stuff really does come full circle, yeah?) with a sample article and we'll talk from there. Whether you're interested in guest-blogging to get your blog a little more traffic or finding a place to regularly publish your articles, I'm sure there's a place for  you here (as long as you can write/design!).

Helping Rocks Fall
Already, Rocks Fall is averaging more readers than it ever did in the few weeks I've been dedicated to reviving it, and the steam is just building, folks. Having said that, we could definitely use your support in the form of Donations. I've got a number of plans for the site (having a domain again would be nice!) and I'd love to get a custom layout instead of tinkering with this barely-supported one but that's just not feasible with my current finances. If you like what you see and you don't want to get hit with KARMIC PURPLE LIGHTNING, considering giving a small gift to us. A button has been added to sidebar to facilitate such aid via Paypal.

As always, readers, watch out for the rocks!
-Michael Donaldson

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