Tuesday Hooks - Dr. Dog Edition  

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"Well I am the ancient warrior man
And I hail from the ancient warrior clan
I invented the computer man
Hubcaps and soda cans"
- "Warrior Man", Dr. Dog

  • The ailing Greenclaw clan of lizardfolk has recently taken in a new warrior of supposedly legendary caliber, and all of a sudden they seem revived and increasingly aggressive with their raiding parties. Their weapons are of strangely high quality and they seem to be of very high morale. Problem is, despite espionage, scrying, or interrogation, nobody can find out any information about this new chieftan. Is he real, and if not, what is the source of Clan Greenclaw's new ferocity (and supply)?
  • There has been a squabble in the upper echelons of the local nobility, where an up-and-coming nobleman claiming lineage to a house thought extinct is demanding what is "rightfully" his. Remnants of the house include a very successful shipping company that this man, Marquis Linden, is claiming full ownership of by blood - and all of the revolutionary new engineering successes the company has developed. The man seems ill-suited for business and even less for rule, but if his lineage checks out - which it very much seems to - then the local government will have no choice but to award him his claims. As such, they have hired the PCs to ascertain his past. Is this man really a long-lost noble? Who does he have dealings with, and who are the men that come to see him in the night so often?
  • The old games of the wildlands, known as the "Bloodsport", have been revived after decades of disinterest. All of the ancient warrior clans have but one entry into these lethal competitions, and it just so happens that one of the participants - a half-orc shaman by the name of Azoron - has information vital to the PC's quest. The problem lies within Azoron's request; he will not help the PCs unless they help him win the Bloodsport. Of course, the penalty for cheating is death, so the PCs have quite a conundrum ahead of them. Do they cheat? How can they rig the competitions? Furthermore, is there another way to get the information out of Azoron, or perhaps convincing him not to compete at all?

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