An Ancient Power Awakens...  

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Hey folks.

It's been a long time since this place has seen any life, but I never really considered it "dead", per se. Just sleeping, deep within the earth, with stories told by the folks who used to visit the place of its once prominent words spilling forth onto your battlemats.

My life has afforded me the chance once again to pick up this hobby - writing has always been something that I enjoyed, but now I have something of an abundance of free time and a fire in me to pick up the pen where I had left it. There's been a TON of material released for Pathfinder, as well as the debut of 5th ed. (which I must admit I do not have much experience with outside of Geek and Sundry's wonderful twitch show Critical Role).

If this is your first time here, there's a lot of old material to look over, and most of it still very relevant to your games today. Particularly might I suggest my series on the darker side of DMing? (psst... start at the bottom) or perhaps spice up your game with some new Magic Items?

Ultimately I plan on updating this blog daily with new tabletop, storytelling, worldbuilding, and mechanical content. Please subscribe if you see something you like, because the ancient words have been spoken...!

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